Do Repellents Work for Lubbock Raccoons Staying in the Chimney?

There are instances when Lubbock raccoons can cause trouble no matter how endearing or cute they may appear like. To avert the possible damages that they can cause, some people are looking for effective yet convenient ways to get rid of them especially if they are trapped in the obscure areas of our house such as our chimney. One of the preferred methods would be the use of repellent. There are different types of repellent but you will need to determine if they will work effectively against raccoons.

Using Repellents to Drive Away the Raccoons in the Chimney

Before you proceed in using some of the Texas repellents that we will mention below, remember that there are no sufficient studies that will support the claims of the manufacturers. Nonetheless, since they are easy to use and accessible, most people still use them when dealing with their raccoon infestation particularly if the raccoons are located in the inconspicuous areas such as the chimney.


The scent that the ammonia will release may be repulsive to some creatures such as Texas raccoons. There were some reports stating that the raccoons abhor going to places that smells like ammonia. This is perhaps due to the fact that the scent of the ammonia resembles the scent of the animal' s urine. This will give them the assumption that there are dangerous animals in the area and will startle them. It is not advisable to spray ammonia especially in the chimney where the scent can easily evaporate. Simply open the bottle and place it inside the chimney to drive them away. This method will only work for a short-time since the raccoon will grow accustomed to the scent of the ammonia especially if there are no predators around.

Spray Repellent

The spray repellent will mostly have cayenne pepper as their main ingredient. This is due to the active component of the pepper known as capsaicin. This makes the pepper spicy that the raccoon does not like. The commercially available spray repellent allows you to apply the product conveniently. However, the scent will still dissipate immediately. This means that it will require numerous applications for this to produce a minimum result.

Eviction Fluid

According to the various testimonials, the eviction fluid has got to be one of the most effective repellents sold in the Texas market. This product contains urine and pheromones of the dominant male raccoons that may frighten them. The female raccoon has a strong mother instinct. She knows that the male raccoon will instantly kill the baby. By using the eviction fluid, the mother raccoon will move out of your chimney on its own to avoid the possible danger.

While using Lubbock repellents may be convenient, there is still no way to determine its efficacy. The results of the different studies remain inconclusive. For a more direct method to remove them, you can perform mild hazing since trapping method is also not recommended during this season. You may also hire the service of the professionals that will deliver an excellent solution.

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