What is a Lubbock Pigeon Needle Strip? Learn All About It!

Pigeon needle strip is one of the most popular Lubbock products that aim to control the presence of the bird such as pigeon. This was first introduced during the 1960s. This is composed of transparent and dense needles that are installed on the ledges where the pigeons love to roost. These are not intended to cause any harm or pain to the pigeon. They will only be discouraged from roosting on our house since it restricts their access to a flat surface. It is also designed to prevent them from building their nest in our house. 

What is a Pigeon Needle Strip?

Pigeon needle strip should only be introduced to your Texas house once the nesting materials of the birds have been removed. This is an ideal tool for the persistent pigeons that keep on returning to your property. Pigeons are clever; there are instances when they will gradually accumulate straw, sticks, and leaves that will make the spikes ineffective. Simply remove these materials and your needle strips will remain effective.

Types of Needle Strips

The needle strip is made from a combination of Lubbock stainless steel and polycarbonate. The projection of stainless steel would be protruding on an angular position. There are at least three types of needle strips that are sold in the market.

•Extra Wide- the projection of the stainless steel would be extra wide. It will be spread at around 4.5 inches. There are narrower types that are spread at a distance of 2.5 inches.

•Slim-This is the narrower type of needle strip that aims to cover the Texas ledge that is around 2.5 inches.

•Regular- this is the standard type of pigeon needle strip. 

Advantages of Using Pigeon Needle Strip

The instinct of the pigeon will tell them to choose the common landing strip which can be the beams, trusses, signs, projections, windowsills, and roof ledges. You will be able to prevent them from landing on these spots by installing the bird spikes. Simple installation of the needle strip will allow you to control the activities of the pigeon in your property. Furthermore, it will not cause any harm to the poor birds. Unlike gel repellents that can damage the feather of the pigeons and trap the smaller birds, the pigeon needle strip are primarily designed to discourage them and not cause any pain.

In case you are worried that this can affect the aesthetic appeal of your Texas property, there are bird spikes that are available in transparent form that will not be visible from afar. Maintenance of these deterrents is super simple. These are designed to stand the test of time. Installation of the bird spikes is also pretty safe and will not cause harm to the installer.

Some Lubbock pigeon removal specialists are also offering the service of installing the needle strip. This can guarantee the homeowners that the bird spikes will be installed appropriately. You will surely notice a significant decline in the pigeon' s activity once you choose to install these products.

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