Bat Invaded Your Lubbock Home? What to Expect Next!

In case the Lubbock bats have managed to invade your property, you need to immediately take action to guarantee that your family will stay safe. It is relatively simple to determine an existing bat problem. Nonetheless, there are instances when the signs will not be too obvious. The droppings scattered on the surface, grease marks and the unusual noises are some indications that a bat has made it inside our house. 

Bats in the Attic

The bats infestation will usually occur during the Texas winter season. These bats will normally be the Big Brown bats. This creature will end their hibernation period during the latter part of the winter and may end up in our living area. It can also happen during the spring and the fall season. This is due to the fact that the nesting season of the bats occurs in this period. In case they have been infesting the attic, you will hear them first before you see them. 

When you are evicting the bats in the attic, we advise you to stay away from using hardware cloth and mesh screen. This will give the bats an ideal place to roost which can worsen your situation. The material that you need to use should keep them from getting inside and not a material that will give them a place to roost. The guano can pile up on the surface below their roosting place that is hazardous for your health.

Bats around the House

There are some signs of infestation that will show all over your Texas house such as grease marks and bat droppings which are also referred to as guano. Grease marks will mostly be found in their entry points and on your roof. Bats prefer to hang out in our window shutters. They have a unique habit to squeeze their body on the interesting areas of our house. The droppings and grease marks will not always be restricted on the higher portion of our house.

What Should You Do?

After you successfully determine that there is an active bat infestation in your Texas house, it is important to conduct immediate action. In case this is not the ideal season to perform eviction, you will still have to be prepared for the removal. Start by conducting the safety steps. There are too many steps that you need to take while waiting for the best season to remove them. You may also book the service of the bat removal company in advance to ensure that they will be available on your preferred date.

You should prepare the cleaning plan since the droppings of the Lubbock bat will carry health hazards. It is also necessary that you follow the safety protocols to stay away from the scratches and bites of the bats. Bat removal procedure is a complicated process, so you should ask the assistance of the professionals. This will ensure you that you will not be in direct contact with the bats and you and your family will be completely safe from the health risks that come with the infestation.

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